Information You Need

What are the Soda Coasters®?
The Soda Coasters® are the premiere way to display your FUNKO® Soda collection seamlessly with your FUNKO® POP!® collection.

Do the Soda Coasters® fit in protectors?


The single Soda Coasters® fit in all standard size 4" soft and hard protectors.

The double Soda Coasters® fit in 2 pack soft and hard protectors measuring 8" X 6.25" X 3.25"

The triple Soda Coaster® fit in 2 pack soft and hard protectors measuring 8" X 6.25" X 3.25"


Do the Soda Coasters® need to be used with protectors?

No, the Soda Coasters® do not require protectors and can be used without them.

Do the Soda Coasters® come with protectors?

*No, protectors are not including with your purchase unless otherwise specified

*The Wrestling Ring inspired Soda Coaster®  ships within a soda protector to ensure it arrives undamaged